The Ministry of Health pays the practice some money (“capitation”) so we can subsidise your fees. It is only paid for ENROLLED patients. We submit our list every 3 months. If you have signed an Enrolment form and are on the list for that quarter you will be funded. If you miss the date you will not be funded until the next list is submitted. You need to sign the form in person. We cannot do it over the phone.

Everyone over the age of 16yrs must sign their own enrolment form.


CASUAL You do not normally come to this practice. You will pay the full unsubsidised fee.

REGISTERED You come to this practice regularly, but you haven’t signed the PROCARE enrolment form. You will pay the full unsubsidised fee.

ENROLLED You have signed up to register with a GP at Cornwall Medical Centre and signed the Procare enrolment form. You will pay the full unsubsidised fee until your funding has been approved.

FUNDED The Ministry of Health has approved your funding. You are entitled to the subsidised fee.

 Enrolled Before Funded after
 22nd May 2017  1st July 2017
 22nd Aug 2017  1st Oct 2017
 13th Nov 2017  22nd Dec 2017



There are 2 main ways this can happen, both of which you may be able to prevent.

  • If you have not been seen by a doctor at our practice for over 3 years your enrolment lapses. If you see the doctor, or sign another enrolment form, before the 3 years lapses, your enrolment will continue 3 more years.
  • If you sign a form at an afterhours A&E or another GP “for a lower fee”: it may well contain a clause ENROLLING you at that practice. This effectively unenrols you at our practice & removes your funded status here.