Chronic Health Management

Our team are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with many long term health problems. These are best managed with active patient involvement and understanding. We encourage regular reviews to monitor and  discuss your condition & your concerns. Some specific examples include:


Diabetes is an increasing problem in our community. We encourage patients to have regular checks & particularly recommend an extended annual diabetes check with both nurse & doctor. It is important to  regularly monitor many aspects of your health   including  blood sugar levels & HbA1c, cholesterol,  BP , weight, kidney function, your vision and your skin and circulation.


Good control of asthma prevents chronic respiratory disease & reduces chest infections. There is now a wide range of inhalers to improve lung function. Free flu vaccines are also available for all asthma patients on preventive puffers and chronic lung disease patients.

Heart Failure

All our doctors are experienced in diagnosis & management of heart failure. We are able to use the services of a designated heart failure nurse from the DHB who  is able to work with the GP in the community and visit patients at home who have severe or difficult to  control heart failure to optimise management.