How do I get my Results
Your doctor may have made arrangements with you.
You may ring the Nurse for your results.
Xray reports from the hospital generally take longer – sometimes up to a week.
Generally, you can assume that you will not hear from us unless your result is a problem. We recommend you ring up to check important test results such as cervical smears
What if I cannot make an appointment?
If you book online via ConnectMed you may notice that there are only a limited number of appointment times . Your doctor has reserved slots for urgent consults for the day. Do ring as there may be other appointments available, that are kept in reserve for urgent problems.
If you ring and cannot get an appointment with your preferred doctor and your appointment is urgent , you may wish to see one of the other GP’s available or speak to the nurse to get advice on what to do

How often do I need to see my doctor?
We recommend at least every 6 months if you are on regular medications. A longer interval, up to 12 months, may be acceptable for some medications such as contraceptive pill or blood pressure medication where your doctor is satisfied that there are no complicating factors. Some medications need close monitoring & you will be asked to see the doctor for all prescriptions.
This allows your doctor to review your health as well as check for any side effects and how appropriate it is to continue on your medication.
Even people who consider themselves in good health are recommended to have check-ups from time to time, particularly from age 40 onwards. We encourage such reviews every 1 -2 years.
Why is the doctor running late in seeing me?
We do try our best to keep to time, but inevitably emergencies do crop up at short notice – we ask for your patience and understanding if on occasions we need to attend to a sicker person immediately.

However there are some things you can do to help us keep to time:
  • Arrive on time for your appointment and report to reception.
  • Extra time: If you think your problem may need extra time (more than the standard 15-minute appointment slot) please advise the receptionist when you make the appointment. You will need extra time if you are coming for assessment of multiple problems or for minor surgery. For insurance medicals, please inform the receptionist if this is the purpose of your visit – as we will often ask the nurse to see you first for the initial measurements and will allow for extra time to see you.
  • ACC related visits: If your initial ACC claim was made elsewhere, please bring the ACC details including ACC45 claim number and date of injury and diagnosis.
What if my usual doctor is away or not available?

In situations that your usual doctor is not available, you can choose to see their Associate GP or any of our other doctors.
We have a team of experienced doctors and can provide continuity of care even when your usual doctor is away.  Other doctors are able to view your medical records if required.

What if I get sick after hours?
Please phone our number 09 625 3140 (available 24 hours/7 days a week) as it is answered after hours by experienced nurses who can give advice or arrange an ambulance if needed.
If you have a medical emergency, such as chest pain, possible stroke or serious breathing, bleeding or allergic problem please call 111 for an ambulance.
The nearest Accident & Medical clinics are Ascot White Cross, Onehunga A&M or Three Kings A&M.
How do I order a prescription?

You may request a repeat of some regular medications without an appointment with your doctor. This is at the discretion of the doctor & depends on many factors such as safety & our responsibility for your care. If you have not been seen within the last 6 months you will usually be asked to make an appointment with your doctor.
Please give us plenty of time to get the prescription ready for you, at least 24 hours. Surcharges apply for urgent prescriptions.