Enjoying good health is something which depends on a number of factors, some within one’s control & others not. We can’t change our genetics, past experiences, age or gender, but we can all take steps in the here & now that can help our health.

Indisputably, paying attention to our dietary choices, our weight, physical activity level, sleep & times of rest & recreation are important for all of us. So too are supportive social relationships & being able to seek help when under stress.

At Cornwall Medical Centre, we are able to help give advice in all of these areas.

Additionally, we strongly recommend the importance of appropriate wellness checks as well as evidence-based detection of early disease & risk factors. For instance, identifying & modifying high blood pressure & high cholesterol have contributed to substantial improvements in rates of heart attacks & strokes in New Zealand in recent decades.

We provide many services which are focused on healthy living, including optimising management of many long term conditions.

In all of the above we recognise the importance of working in a team, not only between doctors & nurses & other health professionals but, even more importantly, in partnership with you, your whanau & other loved ones.