Other Services

Home Visits

Home visits are provided to our patients who are too ill to attend, where possible. Note any visits need to be organised after honouring booked appointments. Sometimes you may be recommended to attend hospital or get an ambulance.

Palliative Care

We are able to offer subsidised health care for enrolled patients. Talk with your doctor or nurse for more information.

Cervical Smears

Cervical smears are recommended for all women aged 20 years and above who have ever been sexually active. For most women this is done 3 yearly. Our team will do our best to make this easy for you. These are provided by all the doctors & 2 of our nurses.
We also have available the Gardasil vaccine for prevention of certain subtypes of the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus -wart virus), which are the dominant cause of cervical cancer. This is provided through most secondary schools but some girls prefer to have this done at their GP’s. Adults may also wish to have this vaccine to protect them and reduce the risk of cervical cancer but it wil not be funded.

Insurance and Special Medical Examinations

Medical reviews are available for Driving Licences, Insurance, Diving and others. Each has varied requirements, time allocations and fees. Please inform the receptionist of the purpose of the medical when booking.

Aclasta Infusions for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can lead to fractures that have major health consequences, especially in older patients. Several medications can reduce this risk significantly

A large number of patients are unable to tolerate Fosamax/Alendronate (an oral medication taken weekly) because of gastrointestinal side effects. An alternative is an infusion of Aclasta/Zoledronate, given into a vein every 1-2years. This has far fewer gastrointestinal side effects. Our nurses are trained to insert IV lines and can assist our doctors to infuse Aclasta

Insulin Initiation

If a patient with diabetes needs to start insulin to improve blood glucose control, in most cases we can guide you through the whole process. Many patients fear insulin, not realising that the needles nowadays are so fine they do not hurt. Our nurse will take you through the steps until you feel confident to administer the injection yourself and teach you how to monitor your blood glucose at home. Most patients report that they feel better with the improved control and state that on looking back they realise they should have started sooner.


Noreen Matthews

Noreen is our regular visiting midwife. She runs her own clinics from Cornwall Medical Centre

Hearing Checks

Dilworth Audiology are offering hearing checks from mid-2016. Initial screening checks are free of charge

Other Information

Reports, Forms, Documents

Note that fees apply for this service outside of a GP consultation.

Test Results

Our doctors check incoming results every day. If you have significant abnormal results we will always endeavor to contact you, hence it is important that you keep all contact phone numbers and address up to date. We are not able to contact everyone regarding all their results, and therefore do not routinely do so if they are normal.

CONNECTMED: If you have signed up with our reception you can view your lab results ONLINE once they have been reviewed by your doctor. Note that some results that are technically outside the “normal range” may be of no concern. Brief annotations written by staff are mainly for internal clinic communication.