Ministry of Health Rules For Enrolment & Funding

1. ELIGIBILITY TO ENROL: If you are a New Zealand resident or citizen & ordinarily live in New Zealand, you are probably eligible to enrol. Certain Visa holders may be eligible also.

2. PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY & IDENTITY: If you wish to enrol, you must sign your own Enrolment Form & bring it in to us. You also need to show us proof of eligibility & identity. This can be:

  • your NZ passport OR
  • your Certificate of Identity issued under the Immigration Act 2009 OR
  • evidence you are currently getting a social security benefit (except Emergency Benefit) AND two forms of supporting identity documentation – one needs to have a photograph of you.

3. FUNDING – TIMING OF REDUCED FEES: You will be entitled to consultations at a reduced fee once funding is confirmed by the Ministry of Health. Note that this takes some time, up to several months. For more details.

4. PENALTIES TO CORNWALL MEDICAL: Please note that we are obliged to follow these rules with no discretion allowed. Indeed we can face severe penalties if we fail Ministry of Health audits of our patients.